Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Estee Lauder Equalizer Smart Makeup SPF 10

$35.00 USD for 1.0fl. oz/28g
Anyone with skin as pale as mine has had the problem of finding a liquid foundation; there isn't just the paleness of skin but the undertone to consider, which, if wrong, can look exceptionally bad on a pale face. If you have medium or dark skin and the foundation doesn't match your skin tone, usually your skin will look muddier and lack-lustre; with super-light and fair skin, if the depth of color (usually just this side of white for me) is correct but pink (I have yellow undertones), I not only look like I have muddier skin, but look like an utterly crazy person wearing dark face paint because the simple combination of the pink and yellow makes where I applied the product darker (than just this side of white, yes?). Moral is: find the right color--depth and undertone.

Now...the right formula on the other hand...that's a whole other category I loathe to try and combine with the sentiments above, which brings me to Estee Lauder Equalizer Smart Makeup for Combination Skin SPF 10. I've finally found a color light enough in EL's line of foundations (sometimes it looks like the brand has dozens of types) to suit my skin, and in theory this is also the perfect formula--oil-control where and when you need it but hydrating over the course of a long day of wear. Yes, well, unfortunately that's not what I've experienced so far...

Equalizer is a foundation I have to wear over a primer because it has the thin consistency of a moisturizer with only sheer pigmentation (until layered on) and the staying power of "don't touch my face or the whole thing will melt off!" By this I mean that it stays on all day, if. nothing. touches. your face. period. This description so far is fixable because primer helps me blend out the thin liquid and gets it to stick to my face a bit longer during the day. However, the real kicker is that I find it difficult to layer with a primer because product just keeps blending off of my skin, no extra coverage is achieved due to the primed-skin's inability to absorb or set the product on its own. And to put the nail in the coffin--without a primer there is oil everywhere on my face by the 6 hour mark, and it peaks through my t-zone areas after a whopping 2 hours. That's just unacceptable for an oil controlling foundation.

Without a primer this is a disaster for my skin type and longevity needs; with a primer, I am not getting the coverage I want, and the product consistency makes putting on a product of more coverage, in addition to this foundation, difficult if not impossible.

Bottom line: I can't deal with how high-maintenance this product is. It is luxurious, it has a good feel and decent results for someone else, just not me, and finally, I can just keep searching for a color-match in liquid products. Using powder foundations in the mean time won't kill me. Minor combo skin types with slight oil issues and larger dryness issues will find this a good match for their needs. Those who don't have specific problem spots and desire general, skin-smoothing coverage will really like this. I am simply looking for more, and so my quest continues...

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✩✩
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  1. I feel the same about EL foundations. I just can't find one to match my pinky paleness well enough. Too bad this one is so much work for you!

  2. I really wanted it to work, especially because in fall I get a little less oily, but I feel like this is just promoting more oil!