Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lotus Lip Stick in Rosebud

$15.00 for 4.5g/0.16oz
Alright, as some of you may remember when I got this, I need to explain that this review has been delayed because I lost this lipstick. I found it during my spring cleaning of late, but I have had to retest the product for review. It's a tough job, you know, putting on lipstick and just watching it fade during the day, but someone's got to do it!
Lotus Lipstick is certified organic and comes in several different shades. I tested out the Citizen Kane color Rosebud (hope I didn't just ruin that movie for anyone) and am really excited to where this religiously come fall. The formula is super thick and creamy, so exfoliating the lips the night before wearing is seriously advised otherwise you will have a flaky looking lip when in reality it's just dry. As some of you might find this to be a turn-off, let me remind you of something: women wore lipstick like this for decades before sheer, balmy formulas were around, and it looked just fine if not amazing! You could also wear a balm underneath to thin it out and keep some moisture on you lips for the day.

Rosebud itself doesn't leave a stain most likely because it is a muted color suited to naturally enhancing the existing shade of you lips, but I bet any darker or brighter colors will start to leave a stain and lengthen wear-time. As Rosebud stands now, it lasts about three hours when I do a thin layer first, then blot, and add a second layer on top without blotting. If I blot the last layer of this, my lips just feel too dry, not because it is a drying formula but because I am addicted to balm and moisturized lips. I also find myself feeling really proud to be wearing organic products on my face; in fact, that explains why I bought so much stuff from that Hautelook sale and why I have been wearing Lotus and Aveda nearly constantly for the past several weeks...funny how that works.
Lotus Rosebud in daylight
Rosebud is a pink nude that has very little shimmer and a satin finish. It layers easily with other lipsticks and glosses and neither adds nor removes moisture during wear. It has medium to heavy pigmentation, depending on your application style, but the color will be slightly effected by the color of your lips beneath it. The tube is standard size but contains more product than the average 0.12 oz lipstick, coming in at 0.16 oz, so in theory this should last 33% longer.

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✩✩
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