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Hello, BlogLand!

 I'm AnieJ. I'm a graduate of the Aveda Institute as an Esthetician and Nail Tech, and I hope to one day become a professional makeup artist. Until that day comes I am settling for being one of many, many beauty addicts and lovers on the internet sharing his/her thoughts of products, trends, application tips, tutorials, etc. I hope to expand this blog significantly over a long period of time (I'm not in it for the short-term), so you can expect an evolving style and understanding of the beauty world. The idea is you'll see a blogger grow from a total Beauty Newbie, floundering around in the "what are earth do I need this for" section of life, into a trained and licensed member of a vast community of "what can't I use this for" members. Believe me, I'm more excited about this than you because I've been waiting a long time for something that fits me this well.

In addition to being a follower of this blog, you can get tweets about the latest posts and reviews @BeautyNoob on Twitter. I'd love for you to follow the fun!

I welcome comments to any and all posts, but I do ask that you refrain from using overtly offensive language or making non-constructive, negative remarks. I'm trying to build a blog and community that holds a lot of good, helpful information, and if you post an inappropriate comment, you've wasted your time and it will be deleted immediately.

If you wish to contact this blog about reviewing products though sponsorship, please contact AnieJ at filmkid061014@gmail.com. Please note that absolutely not favoritism is given to submitted products, and those reviewed will be done so objectively with full disclosure of cost, quantity, quality, and comparison to similar products. I cannot guarantee that any and all products submitted will be reviewed on the blog, but will do my best to show the same courtesy as submitters and post quickly (especially for Limited Edition or newly launched products, collections and lines). Sponsored posts must be labeled accordingly, acknowledging that I did not purchase submitted products, and can be linked exclusively to the sponsor's choice of url (if applicable).

My motivation for this blog is not money, nor fame, nor billions of followers. I genuinely review products and express personal opinions, so please do not take offense and do take everything with a grain of salt to ensure that any purchases you make are for you and your enjoyment of beauty.

With much lipgloss,
The Baby of Beauty

Currently Testing Products: (not all will be listed here before posting, etc.)
Maybelline Fit Me! products
Wet'n'Wild Mascara and Lipstick
Estee Lauder Time Zone products
Covergirl mascara and cream eyeshadow
Chanel Glossimers and Lipsticks
Hard Candy Primer and Bronzer
Elizabeth Arden eyeshadows, blush, brushes, mascara, and highlighter
And Many Many More!