Monday, October 31, 2011

Vogue October 2011: Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation SPF 18 and Pressed Powder

$7.99 for 1fl oz/30ml foundation and $7.99 for 0.3oz/9g powder
High-end products are more often than not better for your skin, made with better quality ingredients, developed to have better looking results, and...expensive, which sometimes is no big deal and sometimes the deal. It's hard to find a good cosmetic in general, much less the right foundation for you; does it Fit Me? This is the ultimate question for beauty junkies like us, isn't it?

Maybelline Fit Me! Advertisement in October 2011 Vogue
For a few months now I've flipped past all clothing and celebrities in my magazines to find what cosmetics are advertised where--and which ones I can afford to try out after viewing their advert. This month I've settled on a makeup that I've actually applied to a friend before (and she was actually finishing off a bottle of it way back then in June). At the time, she said it was good enough for her to buy a second bottle--which is a huge compliment to the formula and brand--and now I can see why she was so excited! Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation and Pressed Powder actually does what the name implies, a rare occurrence seeing as Equalizer didn't equalize anything and Stay Matte didn't have that much staying or matte-ing power at all.

Wearing Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation 110 and Pressed Powder 110 with Maybelline  Instant Age Rewind under eyes, e.l.f. Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips, and Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast in Purple Plume on eyes
Not shockingly, what I first fall in love with from Fit Me! is how incredibly pale the color range goes to; hurray for being just this side of REAL PORCELAIN! And while Fit Me! does match my skin, it does not white me out or make the paleness of my skin look unnatural (which it arguably is considering how few brands carry anything quite that pale). The texture is more liquid and runny than I was hoping for from this foundation, but since it doesn't have a pump, I'm glad I can get it out of the bottle. Coverage from the foundation can be sheer to light and is really only buildable if you put very thin layers on because otherwise the thinness of the formula starts to push all your coverage down your face or off to the side even with rolling setting powder overtop. I find this foundation easy to apply with both fingers and a brush, but it can be easy to pour out too much or over-apply straight off; just be weary of that.
Wearing Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation 110 and Pressed Powder 110 with Maybelline  Instant Age Rewind under eyes, e.l.f. Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips, and Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast in Purple Plume on eyes
Next is the Pressed Powder which actually isn't quite as light as the same number foundation shade but gives great dimension to what could be a very flat color of pale skin. I really can't say enough about this powder: I use it all day everyday over any foundation and always have it in my bag because it's one of the most blendable and natural looking powders, pigmented and translucent, that I have ever had. A little goes a long way and yet there is still a good chunk of product here. I'm just sold, literally, on everything about this product. It may have sheer to no coverage, but I still want to use it to complete my look every morning; it's that good!

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✩ (foundation); ✪✪✪✪✪ (powder)
Available at drug stores and supermarkets such as Walgreens, Kroger, CVS, Target, and more.


  1. Omg, you look flawless! Going thru your older blog entries, you & I have the same problem with face products that conceal the redness on our nose. I will most def check out the 'Fit Me' line! Thanks!

  2. I don't know what it is about my nose that most foundations and concealers cannot handle that area of redness without looking like they are separating ingredients ON top of my nose! This Maybelline one and my DiorSkin Nude are the best one's I've found so far for my nose (price is super different, but oh well).