Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bang for your 3 Bucks: Wet'n'Wild MegaLength Mascara

$2.99 for 0.27fl oz/8ml mascara
I'm all for enjoying sleek designer packaging and the status that comes with whipping out that posh wand with a logo that makes people think you're a millionaire; however, let's fess up: 99% of what gets seen of each beauty product you buy is the product on your face! Next to no one stops you on the street saying, "I like your makeup, so could I see it's packaging?" But for the sake of this's what the packaging is. Wet'n'Wild MegaLength Mascara has a thin, rubber spiked wand instead of wiry bristles, and a non-waterproof formula. I like how convenient the packaging is, with no bulges and bumps that make it obvious or bulky in, say, a wristlet. The metallic shine of the tube rubs off, as does the silver lettering.
Wet'n'Wild MegaLength Mascara wand
What wows me about this little gem is clearly not the packaging, which is a stong plastic but not of durable outer-design. The formula is worth every penny of this and more--staying power, no clumping, no drying out or crusting quickly inside the tube--I like this formula more than my Chanel Inimitable Mascara! For a tenth of the price, or three bucks, you get a well designed deliver system and a formula that does its job and does it well. That's rare.
Wearing Wet'n'Wild MegaLength Mascara
I get a whole lot of length with, again, no clumps, but I do have to wait for the mascara to die/set before looking to and fro. The formula is very viscous, which is good because you can work with it for longer--in the tube or on your lashes--but it will take a minute before the product won't transfer onto your skin. I thought it was irritating the first time I used it, but the resulting length and natural look of my lashes quickly changed my mind.
Wearing Wet'n'Wild MegaLength Mascara
This little sucker is also cheap enough that if I need to I can get another one or two for purses and work...otherwise I may lose it and be forced to use something I like less. The consistency is very close to Clinique's High-Impact Mascara which is one of my favorite mascaras of all time, so this is the budget-friendly, bargain mascara of the gods!
Wearing Wet'n'Wild MegaLength Mascara

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✩ (mascara)
Available online here, and at most drugstore retailers. I got mine at my local CVS!

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