Thursday, March 14, 2013

CHANEL Ultra Correction Lift Night Creme

$165.00 USD for 1.7 oz.

Well, back with a bang--a really big, expensive bang. When I first received a small sample size tube of this night cream a few weeks ago, I was expecting the same ultra-thick, super hydration that leaves me oily as I get from almost all other "night creams;" I was, however, totally mistaken.

On CHANEL's site, the description of this cream is "velvety," an apt word for the satin-smooth feel as it quickly absorbs into skin and leave no trace of heavy residue or oily moisture. I find this luxurious cream absolutely addictive, and frankly, couldn't resist purchase of it despite the ludicrous price point. I have owned expensive in the past, but this cream is outlandishly expensive.

That said, I purchased it last Monday...
And I love the cream as much as ever; the formula consistently leaves my skin smooth as silk, not clogging over time or diminishing after prolonged use. Sometimes I even layer this under my makeup during dry days, and I am not oily/slick by end of day. Miraculous! So why do I need to actually review this?

Simple. Packaging. Problems.

Look CHANEL, I get that luxurious means over-done for you more often than not, but please, think about the functionality of your packaging before saying "print" to the producers. I cannot stand the super-heavy square shaped rock that my cream comes in! My god, the gunmetal is a breeding ground for fingerprints and dust, slippery plastic that feels weightier than glass, and the lid is hard to align to close properly. The whole thing is just MASSIVE, cumbersome, and frustrating, so if I didn't love this product so much, I would return it and never think twice.

For something so expensive, I should not want to depot it into a cheap plastic container just so that it is less of a pain-in-my-butt. Final thoughts, WHY, CHANEL, WHY?! I'm going to have to put this in a different container...

Beauty Newb Rating: ★★★★☆


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