Monday, February 6, 2012

jane. Tangerine Liquid Lip Color

$5.99 for 0.17 oz
So jane. Cosmetics are turning out to be a rather big miss-brand to me in general; their tints are way off the mark, the foundation is a disaster, and I haven't the heart to discuss the eye pencil yet. However, the jane. Liquid Lip Color is proving to be a diamond in the rough.
jane. is an inexpensive brand that was even further discounted on Hautelook a while back, so I bit the bullet and got a handful of things (probably totaling around $20-25). I was so damn excited that I immediately opened a bunch of it and smeared it on my face, thinking "what could go wrong." Um, something tells me I really should not have done that...

Tangerine Liquid Lip Color is a very bright orange-red gloss with high pigmentation. In the tube, it looks far more red than orange, but on the lips this could be an absolute "safe" color for those who love the idea of bright orange lips but can't/don't feel ready to pull it off.

I like the smooth texture because it is non-sticky or tacky, but with so much pigment this migrates a bit. You can see on the image below that towards the inside of my lips the color is fading, but I had just put this on seconds before taking the photo. Tangerine also stains, badly, which could be both a plus and a minus depending on your views; try to take this off just after applying it, and your lips are already red-orange below.

Wear-time in total, before all glossiness is gone is 2-3 hours, but the stain with fade (sometimes unevenly) for a few more hours on top of that. I say use a lipliner and be very careful this doesn't go outside the lines. Given that it takes those extra seconds/minutes to work with, I say jane. gets only two stars for this: the formula itself is about 3 stars, the color inside the formula is less than friendly, and the overall impression of the brand and its quality is 1 star. I'm averaging it out.

Beauty Newb Rating: ✪✪✩✩✩ if you have the time, go for it.
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