Monday, February 28, 2011

Dior DiorSkin Nude Foundation in 010 Ivory

Part One for Build*A*Look #1: Backlit Beauty
DiorSkin Nude is a great line of products, so if you're interested in certain texture (you like powder over cream or liquid, etc.) you can pick and choose what best appeals to you. This is the one that strongly appealed to me a few months ago, and became my only foundation over Christmas break at my Mom's. This foundation has light to medium coverage and neutral undertone. In fact, this was the only Dior liquid foundation I could get because it comes in this ultra-light, fair tone.

I find this liquid neutralizing; as opposed to looking unlike your skin tone it makes your skin look more neutral, naturally. It is this lovely quality which helps me pull off cooler colors when I want to try new things without looking like I don't know what fits my skin tone. Since I really want a good product like this in my kit as a makeup artist, I will probably be investing in the whole range as I can.
DiorSkin Nude Foundation SPF 10 in 010 Ivory

I have had this gunk up on my face a few times when my oil production (T-zone mostly) has been sky high, but not recently has this reoccurred. This could be because I finally use only the amount of product I need and apply it in thin layers, or because I now use a better primer and powder. DiorSkin Nude is very long-lasting with primer and setting powder, so when applied thinly and blended well, you should have no problems all-day and night long. If oily skin is a problem, check from time to time to see if you need to blot, but this shouldn't totally destroy the product's staying on.

Application is very even, giving radiant coverage that looks like your skin not foundation; it can be dressed up or down, as it is a buildable coverage, and is an absolute must if you want a hassle-free go-to for every occasion. I used this for my family's Holiday photo this year, and although I wish I had added a bit of contouring to my face, my skin really looked flawless and radiant.

Wearing nothing on skin except moisturizer, no primer
One important thing for me to mention, because it is crucial in my personal-use products, is that this does not irritate or breakout my sensitive skin AT ALL. The formula feels light and breathable, totally weightless, while still feeling hydrating and fresh.
Wearing DiorSkin Nude Foundation (two pumps)
BeautyNewb give this an: A or ✪✪✪✪✪
Available from and at Dior counters in fine department stores. I got mine from Nordstrom.


  1. this seems like a really good foundation! thanks for the review :)


  2. Thanks! This pairs really well with the concealer too (that review comes up tomorrow). I think you all will REALLY like that one.

  3. My mum has good skin. So I just briefly took one of her SKII( to use, which I assume is a moisturizer. It's good man I tell you! She gave me a small bottle of eye cream before but the effects weren't that great and I stopped using. But my mum's moisturizer is good! I can feel it reacting once I applied it