Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Goal (Setting) Orientation--Two Basic Goals

Sparky's Goal is to break a sleeping world record....he may succeed!
Since quite a bit of the job I'm learning at the Aveda Institute is about self-marketing and working well as an individual, it's no surprise that today we were discussing goals.

When I think of people setting goals, I first think about how I set myself up for disappointment because inevitably I focus on whether or not the goal is done rather than getting done. It's a bad mind-set to say the least, but I did start thinking about things that I assume are tasks I want to get done. If I start thinking about these little things as goals instead, my batting average of completing "goals" will go way up, and thus, I will think more highly of goal setting and achieving.

To start, some really basic goals: 1) graduate from Aveda with above average sales numbers, and 2) organize my makeup obsession into a marketable skill. Now, none of these two things have huge outside-reliant factors (for example, I didn't say "and get a job" or "and do makeup for a wedding party") because I'm trying to show that goals I set myself that can be completed by myself are totally do-able. So I have to do my work and do it well, and I have to organize my collection into useable and unusable (on guests at least) products and package them to be portable for location use--that's all stuff I can do...more importantly, it's all stuff that I will be doing whether it's a goal or a want. That is how you twist psychology to your advantage, my makeup-obsessed friends, semantics!

Obviously, there are other goals that take more time to work towards and things that can't all be done in one fell swoop (such as return to roughly one post per day on this blog), so for just now, I'm sticking with basics and positive thinking.

How am I going to achieve these goals, you ask? Well....

1) In order to graduate from Aveda with above average sales numbers, I am going to connect with my clients and really recommend the products they ask about or need to achieve the skin/hair/makeup look that they want. I personally do not believe in pushing products on people or recommending products that have nothing to do with what they want for themselves. Though it's not a solid, will-help procedure, I want my clients to know that I'm being honest when I tell them "this is the product for you."

2) I am getting Z Palettes to organize my de-potable products in. De-potting can be a really time-consuming and tedious process, but since I'm not on a deadline for it, I can do really precise work to ensure nothing is damaged. I think my collection will be quite compact fit into palettes. Sleek and organized, that just sounds awesome!

So, it's a big ol' process that all of us have to go through at some point (and no, I don't count this as a post about makeup; it was just for motivation and fun).

How do you set and achieve your goals? Maybe your methods can help me and other readers, so let me know in a comment!

P.S. The winner for the giveaway will be chosen this week, so sorry for the delay, but we just got on the clinic floor (i.e. busy, busier, busiest week). This also means if you live in Columbus, Ohio, you should come on over to get a facial or makeup touch-up from yours-truly *wink wink.*

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