Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dior DiorShow Brow Styler in Universal Brown--Universally Friggin' Awesome

Part Four for Build*A*Look #1: Backlit Beauty
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$28.00 for ...4-5 months of brows...
I've had some trouble accepting the fact that even though I am in school to be a beauty professional that I am not allowed to shave or pluck until we learn waxing (because we need to have something to wax on each other). This, in general, makes me feel...not so beautiful and makes getting ready in the morning even more of a fight to cover up the unwanted and define the good. Since my eyebrows are getting a bit out of control, and frankly out of shape, DiorShow Brow Styler is my super savior for what could be the defining feature on my face (depending on opinion).

Brows defined by DiorShow Brow Styler in Universal Brown

As the title of this post eludes to, I am a fan of this product, and probably more importantly, I feel as though I am getting my money's worth. I especially like that this is a pencil I can put in my purse (no compact and little separate brush) AND that isn't so creamy in application that I feel like I actually painted my eyebrows on. It's a pencil that gives me that extra bit of pigment exactly where I want it in my already-there brows. For someone wanting to actually draw in brows or hair, the tip of this seems fine enough to do so. For those who want a darker or heavier brow, sorry, but this is the only color this product comes in at the moment, but I still think it will flatter or at least help define everyone's brows. The whole world could use this product as far as I'm concerned, and we'd all be pretty happy.

Again, the brows need some shaping...and I am aware of this...painfully aware...
nothing in brows
DiorShow Brow Styler in Universal Brown
Who is going to love this product? Since the product itself is highly convenient, I think anyone looking to have a very simple, successful way to give some oumph to brows is going to love this. Stick it in your purse and never live without it because that's pretty much what I'm doing. This will give consumers precision and a natural look. The pencil just twists up, and the product can be layered for a little darker of a look or blended down for lighter. It's quite versatile.

Who is not going to like it? If you aren't looking for a natural look, or are looking for something more malleable than a pencil. Also if you use a ton of product on your eyebrows every time you do them, this may be used up far too fast to justify a $28 price tag. That leaves little room to pay for a variety of brow products to have in conjunction with this, if that's what floats your boat.

On a frustrating note, I cannot find the amount of product in here for the life of me! Where is it?! So I just guesstimate this as 4-5 months of normal use.

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✪
Available at Dior counters in fine department stores, Sephora, and Dior.com. I got mine from Sephora.com.

Sooooooooooo ::pause for breath:: oooooooooooooooo busy for the next few weeks that, yes still, posts will be scarce. This is unpleasant because I have been thinking in the form of reviews every morning when putting on different products, thinking "have I reviewed this," "would I recommend this," "does this do what it says it does," and"why have I not gotten more sleeps so there is less black under my eyes." How terrible the life of a blogger is, huh? At least it's making me feel better to know that I wasn't just interested in writing the blog when I had nothing else to do, because now that I have a whole lot of other things to do, I am just itching to blog more.

p.s. Since I know I won't get around to it for at the very least a few more days, I just wanted to give a quick shout out and thank you to Bug at Bug's Beauty Blog for giving Beauty and the Newb an award. She said some super nice things about it and it's made my whole week (month, really) to know that someone actually appreciates the posts. Much Love, Anie.


  1. Great review! Ok, you sold me on it! I need to pick this up.

  2. Great review!!!! It makes your brows lovely and oh no it sucks that you can't pluck them just yet. hang in there!!! you're still a doll! :))

    I, too, want a natural look for my eyebrows, I need to check this out! ^_^
    congrats on the award!