Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lotus Certified Organic Bio-Mineral Cream-to-Powder Blush in Apricot

Part Three for Build*A*Look #1: Backlit Beauty
$20.00 for 5g/0.18oz
I've been meaning to review at least one of the Lotus products I received since the second the box arrived on my porch, but alas time to do so has alluded me. Now, I'm proud to say I've tested it pretty thoroughly and this blush is DA-BOMB! I would also never say this lightly because I'm usually pretty picky, however, without prompt to review it, I've been reaching for this Apricot blush (or the Plum) every single day since I first tested it out.

Seen in the pic above is the e.l.f. Foundation Brush I use to apply it with. Since it is a cream-to-powder formula, I prefer using a brush meant for cream products so the blending is easier. If I used a powder blush brush for this, I'm sure it would look fine but be much harder to get the blending just right.
Lotus Bio-Mineral Cream-to-Powder Blush in Apricot
Upon first swirl through, the product comes up a bit more like very pressed powder, i.e. you need to sort of get the product started with a bit of work. Thus, more swirling and finally a flush of color could be seen at the tip of my brush. On the hairs, it looks like powder, and put to my cheek it feels like powder, but this glides in like nothing I've ever seen. It's just not quite cream or powder but yet both--glory, praise Makeup!

The pigmentation is on the highest side of what I could ever use and blends down effortlessly. It also layers effortlessly, so for darker skin, you'll do just fine with these. The color is Apricot: a wonderful neutral coral that flatters my golden undertones but the redder base will also flatter pinkies (why does that sound offensive to me?). I can see a very occasional speck of micro-glitter in this, but nothing like that shows up when applied. It's matte but still gives a radiant, fresh glow.
Lotus Bio-Mineral Cream-to-Powder Blush in Apricot blended on left, unblended on right in daylight
So what, pray tell, do I not like about these?

Well, if I was being picky, which I am, I think the packaging is a bit disappointing to feel. It looks like the gunmetal of my Burberry compact, but feels like a thin version of my e.l.f. NR blush (translation: super cheap). What I'm assuming is a concept similar to Aveda's, less packaging equals less waste, and on those lines I wholeheartedly say that I would pay a full $20 for the product in the packaging alone. I guess it doesn't need thicker, better packaging, but I still kinda want it to... :(
Lotus Bio-Mineral Cream-to-Powder Blush in Apricot blended on left, unblended on right with flash
Other things I don't like about it? I actually can't come up with any. There is no detectable scent to this blush, so no irritation that way. I've had no blemishes or breakout where this is applied, so it's not irritating my skin. I think I'm just spoiled on packaging, but rest assured it still looks very chic in it's round case. I can't wait to do the giveaway I'm planning with one of these included. Seriously, someone is going to be very happy with Rose Bio-Mineral Blush!
Lotus Bio-Mineral Cream-to-Powder Blush in Apricot on cheeks, DiorSkin Nude foundation and concealer on face
Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✩
Available at I got mine from a Hautelook event.


  1. Looks so pretty on you!!! The blush fiend in me is drooling over this one!

  2. Your posts always make me want to try all these brands I've never heard of before! Also before I forget, I gave you an award on my blog under my post about my first blog award :)