Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lotus Lip Gloss in Candy and a crazy color mood!

$13.00 for 0.25 oz (0.05 more than average :P)
I hesitate to officially define this gloss as a mixed bag because the things I like about it definitely out-way the bad. First, I love it's peppy, young, fresh color, and since it's a gloss, it goes oh-so-well with that vibe. Second, it is beautifully moisturizing and makes my lips feel plump and hydrated after the whole of it has worn off.
Lotus Certified Organic Lip Gloss in Candy
So, now the bits that will be turn offs for others.

The color does fade from this after an hour, maybe two if you don't move your lips at all BUT your lips will still be shiny/glossy for another two hours after that and hydrated for a while after that. Not the end of the road for me personally, just means I won't be wearing this for the color payoff alone.

A random, and totally neutral, point to make is that this actually smells like candy, sweet and juicy. in a way, I feel like I'm getting a sugar fix during the day when reapplying it. (Perhaps if you are looking to cut back on sweets, this could be a fun little crutch to help you ween off other candy :)
Lotus Lip Gloss in Candy on lips (alone, no liner or lipstick)
I love that this isn't a way, way overpriced gloss just because it is organic. I can swallow the $13 price tag because I now know from testing that it conditions the lips better than it even delivers shine; in my book, that makes this a dual-action product and nearly worth it's weight in gold (it helps me ween off of a mad lip balm addiction). Most importantly, since the color was my main negative for this product, and it does shine and hydration well, you really will get the absolute best bang for the buck, or lack thereof, by entering my giveaway for a chance to win Lotus Lip Gloss in Clear (among other awesome things!!!). Seriously. Worth. Your. While.

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✩✩
Available at LotusCosmeticsUSA.com, or, um, get it free from my giveaway, duh!
I have absolutely no idea what possessed me to wear this makeup, but I wanted something on my eyes for this picture. I guess colors remind me of candy and vice versa... my brain is weird.


  1. So pretty on you! It's a plus that it's organic :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! Your Lotus swatches have convinced me to get the blushes instead of more expensive but similar options available from Korres. A Korres fangirl I may be, but a large wallet I do not have.

    Just how long does the scent on this last? I've got a sensitive sniffer and have been turned off from products on scent alone before (I'm looking at you, NYX Glosses. Such a good price, so many colors...and such a putrid smell) so I'm crossing my fingers that this scent dissipates quickly.

  3. The only place I genuinely remember the scent is in the pot, and perhaps on the brush for a few seconds while it was near my face, but that's it. *If* the scent lasts at all on the skin, I've never noticed it.

  4. Sweet! Thanks for the speedy reply. Hello, Lotus Cosmetics/Hautelook...my monies shall soon be yours, haha.