Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Smashbox Camera Ready Foundation SPF 15

$38.00 for 0.3 oz/8.5g
There is something about cream-to-powder products that is so appealing but rarely is pulled-off: built-in setting ability. Originally, my DiorSkin Nude compact was a tiny bit frustrating because the slip of product was still there unless powder was applied over top, and then Lotus blushes changed my world with a slightly stiffer formula that was hyperpigmented and actually powdery after application but doesn't have slip to begin with, so now, what about Smashbox Camera Ready?
Smashbox Camera Ready Foundation in Fair F0
Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Foundation with SPF 15 in Fair F0 is, not shockingly, a cream-to-powder foundation that should really be treated as just a cream compact foundation. I like to make myself up and then make myself scarce in the morning, so waiting ten minutes while my foundation sets itself is way more annoying than just taking 15 seconds to set it myself (most likely with Maybelline or e.l.f. powder). Camera Ready has pretty full coverage and is easily blended; a little goes a very long way, and a little more can go the distance as a concealer if the color match is just right. My frustration is really with just how creamy and mobile the formula is...

With the super-soft brush that's included below the product, I have to do a lot of circling to blend out streaks of product which is another reason I recommend going into this purchase focused on the cream part of cream-to-powder. As this is so darn creamy, Camera Ready creases a lot too (without separate setting powder), especially in fine lines around the eyes where I used a dab more as concealer. The creasing I'm talking about is within less time than my drive to work, so I'll be touching up before I get out of the car! Harsh! And totally unnecessary. I also have to be absolutely sure I don't touch my face or scratch all day long because with this as my only coverage, one false glide and everything is re-exposed!
Smashbox Camera Ready Foundation in Fair F0
It's not all bad, though, because Camera Ready is, as promised, full coverage and highly blendable; with how much (or how little) you're given in the compact, it will last me a very long while if I use it correctly; and it looks pretty natural and dewy in photos making me truly "camera ready." Still, I don't like when I see pore-sized dots of foundation across my nose and cheeks because I have to use another product that I shouldn't have to if the formula would just do as advertised...and become powder, dagnabit!
Wearing Smashbox Camera Ready Foundation SPF 15, Smashbox O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color, Smashbox Reflective High Shine Lip Gloss, and Smashbox Bionic Mascara
Beauty Newb Rating: ✪✪✩✩ Because it's not easy, not effortless, and only looks okay.
Available online, at Sephora, and at various department stores, but check for local availability.


  1. Whoa. I definitely need my foundation to set on its own - I'm not big on piling all kinds of products to get my face to stay in place, haha. Thanks for this review!

  2. Just be aware that it takes a while and *will not* set well if you applied a thicker layer.