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DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Creme-Gel Makeup Compact

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010 Ivory ($48.00 for 0.35 oz/10g)
Not gonna lie, this is one of those products I've had to use everyday to find out bit-by-bit what I like and don't like about it; no instant reading here! To start, general observations. There is only 0.35 oz of product here when the usual foundation is 1 oz (and this is described as a foundation), so right there $48 is steep. This is only available in six colors, all with neutral undertones, so anyone leaning heavily warm or cool (seems counter-intuitive, but that's yellow or pink respectively) will find this won't quite match.

Day 1: Feels great on the skin but coverage is quite sheer and the 'creme formula that turns to powder' effect makes it difficult, if not impossible to layer for more coverage. The sponge inside gets the creme on it then the product dries to a powder finish on the sponge too, meaning a difficult second/reuse of sponge. The compact is designed oddly; for example, the clear plastic in between the sponge and product has to be lifted to get at the product, so you have the plastic over the mirror. You might think "it's clear, so you can still see in the mirror" and you're sorta right. Really you can only see some blurry reflection because there is 'CD' emblazoned on the plastic, and when you placed the sponge back on the plastic it gets a little smeared with product, hence smeary-mirror. Must do more research...

Day 2: Has occurred to me that with combo/oily skin and using this as a touch up compact all-day to simulate taking on-the-go that I end up using quite a bit of product and basically cake this on my face. But there is no heavier coverage this way. And still using a creme-to-powder seems less effective then just bringing a powder with you during the day. Shoot. What else? The product does feel really smooth and luxurious going on, but I see oil peeking through about every hour (meaning I will be done with this compact soooo fast if I reapply every hour to cover the shine). Still, maybe with drier skin this will work very well. Problem there is that drier skin may need a more emollient, hydrating makeup than this in order to keep from flaking or feeling tight. As an add-on to that thought, with my allergies I have dryness and a bit of flaking/blemishes right underneath and beside my nostrils, and this powder finish really draws attention to that, making it feel drier and itchier.

Day 5: Um, this is growing on me. Once I used a stronger cream at night (and took allergy meds) the problem around my nose has minimized significantly. Also, and this I'm not sure why, my face has been less oily towards the end of the day, and this foundation has thus not needed touching up or attempted layer application. I still think for those with problem areas or skin that isn't close to smooth this will be more trouble than it's worth.

Day 7: Without even realizing it, this is my go-to foundation. It's a compact but gives more emollient coverage and highlights dryness less than a straight-up mineral powder foundation. Out of laziness, I've used this everyday. I think I will still stand by most of my initial observations (minimal coverage, inability to layer, less appealing to touch up/cake more on face throughout the day, etc.), but I can say that this product impresses me more and more with each use.
DiorSkin Creme Gel Compact in 010 in daylight

DiorSkin Creme Gel Compact in 010 with flash

FINAL THOUGHTS: After a week of constant use, it looks like I've barely made a dent in the product, but I need to find out how to replace the sponge applicator (it's covered in product that's turned to powder, ugh). I can't tell how deep the pan is, but since the refills of the actual product are less expensive (no compact, less money), I think I could really see this being a staple of mine....and the price tag isn't giving me a heart attack. If you are thinking of purchasing, be sure you know the return policy of the store in case the color isn't a match or it doesn't suit the texture of your skin. It is, however, worth a look and a test!

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✩
Available at, Sephora, and Dior counters at fine department stores.

In basically all the photos of me from the past week or so I have been wearing this foundation (sometimes with setting powder, sometimes without), but just in case you missed them, here some pics are again!
Bobbi Brown on cheeks, and Chanel on lips

Bobbi Brown on cheeks, and Dior on lips

Estee Lauder on eyes, cheeks, and lips

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