Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chanel Mat Lumiere Long Lasting Soft Foundation SPF 15

Build-A-Look Part One: Bold Lip and Concealer
$54.00 for 1.0 fl oz. of foundation
Thank goodness I got a sample size of this foundation. I really hate that for a long while I have heard nothing but good things about Chanel....everything and yet have been unable to be truly satisfied with any products. Not to say or suggest that some aren't good, but for their price-tags, I'm not in for the life-long haul of the brand.

In my continued quest to find a few good foundations that serve different purposes throughout the seasons, I had to pick up at least one from Chanel's counter at my local Nordstrom. The SA picked out the right color for me and, in theory, the right formula, but alas, I'm still not sold. Mat Lumiere, as it's name may blatantly yell, is formulated to reduce shine and the appearance of oil on the skin throughout the day.

My first bone to pick is that no matter how thinly or thickly or layered I apply this, my skin never looks matte. It looks natural finish with a bit or glow around the tip of the chin, at the cheekbones, and right between the brow, but the say that this mattifies my skin without or before the use of powder is a bold-faced lie. My second frustration is that after my favorite and wonderful primer from Smashbox and a setting powder, Chanel Mat Lumiere still manages to make my skin turn "natural" finish within maximum of 2 hours and starts pilling around oil after 4-5 hours. I don't know what foundations you've ever used, but for me and my oily skin, that's still unacceptable and frankly BAD.

without anything on after moisturizer
I think what makes it worse is the hopes I had after applying it for the first time. Since I would have been fine with the product remaining a natural finish instead of matte, I wasn't alarmed by the first impression. I have a lot of hyperpigmentation to cover and some redness around the nose and in between my brows, which Mat Lumiere covered pretty well and evenly. I had a touch of trouble with blending even a thin layer of this around my nose; no matter what I did it looked like I had not blended after stippling the product on....though I had not actually stippled it on to begin with.

Of course, unless you were less than a foot from my face, you could not have seen this, but my other foundations don't have this problem.
.5 Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation alone on skin
Chanel as a brand is worrying me. Why can I not find something other than one serum that works for my skin without making me want to puke from it's price-tag? Are all the products simply not formulated to do anything for my skin type? I thought of all things a mattifying foundation would be my ticket, but why was I so wrong then?!

Seriously, there has to be a better explanation than "it just doesn't work for me, as a whole brand, in general." That's unacceptable and highly unlikely, so why haven't I heard of others having these issues? I'm worried, plain and simple, though all that aside, I think that if you suffer from a touch of shiny later in the day--it's good for you--and if...shoot, I can't think of another reason to buy this. If you are interested, try to get a sample first to be sure.

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✩✩✩
Available at Chanel.com and fine retailers such as Nordstrom's, in store and online.


  1. Mat Lumiere is my holy grail foundation - I know a lot of people find it too drying, never heard of it being too oily for someone. That's a shame, but lucky you tried a sample first since it's so pricy. I'm Australian and if I asked for a sample at a Chanel counter here, I'd be laughed out the door. I envy you Americans!

    As for the brand in general, I think a lot of the products are fancypants do-nothings. Paula Begoun doesn't seem to have much time for them, she says they're (paraphrasing) all show, not much go.

  2. I sort of agree with you a bit-Really, I only like the lipsticks and that one eyeshadow in Fauve that I just got. I've tried Pro Lumiere, and found it doesn't last very long on my skin compared to something a lot cheaper. I heard Pro Lumiere is being discontinued, so maybe they've got something better?

  3. I'm happy to hear that others are the same for the brand if not on the product. It occurred to me after posting that I may be a bit harsh on Chanel, but then this dawned on me--this is 54 dollars, i.e. for one hundred dollars plus, you could get, um...two! So yes, I judged harshly because any product that expensive better do what it's supposed to. I also think that at that price it should work for next to all people.

    What's the return policy like in Australian then? Can you at least try the full size and return it if it doesn't suit you?