Monday, April 4, 2011

Worst Polish I've Ever Bought--Essie's 160 Sugar Daddy

Serves me right for trying to find a substitute for a Dior product I wanted...

When I was over at Easton, in Nordstrom I was eyeing Dior's spring pink polish, and I even whipped out a thumb and applied the polish. I passed though, because I thought "hey, I'm going straight over to Target after this; I will just match the color there." Lo and Behold I found what looked like the perfect match in the bottleEssie's Sugar Daddy.

Holy mess, was I totally wrong! Now, I've heard a lot about how fantastic Essie is supposed to be, and yes, this is my first polish from the line, but shouldn't you be able to see some color after FOUR coats of polish? Worse yet, isn't polish supposed to last more than a few hours before parts have literally worn off or whole nails have completely chipped/peeled away? Also, when you put four coats of polish on, it will take over half an hour for anything to begin to dry, and even then you should not go touching it within several hours.
Four coats of Sugar Daddy on thumb (left), bare nail on right with flash
Four coats of Sugar Daddy on thumb (left), bare nail on right without flash
I have never been so utterly disappointed by a nail polish, and now I have to go searching and searching for my receipt and take it back. To be frank though, I'd rather get another two Rimmel Lasting Pros than one Essie. Way to loose a customer, Essie.

Only on the website is it described as "a sweet and shimmery pink, perfect for a french manicure" but there is no shimmer to this! Label it "pink french manicure" or "sheer pink" instead of just calling it something else that implies a hint of pigmentation. What's more disturbing is that this isn't even listed under the brand's sheer polishes. No thank you.

If you've had better luck with this brand, or there is a spring pink color from them that actually shows up, please please please let me know. I will be happy to try again, but only with an actual thumbs-up approval of the color I buy next. Dude, I hope I find that receipt...

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✩✩✩✩
P.s. I put on four coats just for those pictures above. Fifteen minutes later (after an hour of drying) it's all kinds of smeared and indented. Ugh.


  1. Oh that sucks. I have only one Essie nail polish and my problem is not with its sheerness, but with the fact that it chips after ONE day -_-

  2. Yikes! Now that sucks! I have a few Essie polishes that aren't that bad at all. Essie Jazz is one of my faves.

  3. I have many essie polishes and im shocked with your opinion. Always i put 3,4 coats and itr drying on my nails like 5min and whatever i do,washing dishes,working,cleaning this polish last on my nails 5days without any damage i usualy remove color after 7days and it never use base coat etc .maybe you bought old one?