Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aveda Nourish-Mint Sheer Mineral Lip Color in 202 Sheer Mandarin

Part Eight for Build*A*Look #1: Backlit Beauty
Aveda Lip Color in Sheer Mandarin; $15.00 for 0.12oz/3.4g
Sometimes, people are really insincere when talking about how the products from a line they work for/with are, but in absolute honesty, I am impressed with Aveda. Because the line (the whole company) revolves around the active and majority plant and flower ingredients, some of the makeup/color line is limited by what those ingredients can do. For example, the wear-time takes a dive on some of the lip colors and eyeshadows. Here's how you fix the eyeshadow problem--wear a primer! It's that simple. Now to the lip colors.
Aveda Lip Color Sheer Mandarin in daylight
Oddly enough, I couldn't care less that Nourish-Mint Lip Color doesn't last over two hours because my lips have not felt this healthy in all the years I was a lip balm addict. That could be because none of the Aveda products contain petroleum or products thereof, so the natural goodness gives everything to my lips and takes nothing away. (So, to emphasize, this Sheer Mandarin is doing the same good stuff as Raspberry Tea Lip Glaze does.)

Aveda Lip Color Sheer Mandarin with flash
The coverage and pigmentation is in the name: sheer, but it is a luscious golden-orange-peach glow that is fresh and ready for summer. I can tell you that this lip color smells minty and plant/flowery in the tube and only feels fresh and minty on the lips.
Sheer Mandarin on lips (no liner or gloss)
Bottom, bottom line, it does what it says (hydrates and conditions), it is what it says (sheer with color), and has a little bonus (a pre-freshener to your breath)! Highly, highly recommend checking this line of lip color out because the darker shades do last longer and these can really bring your lips back to health. Scouts-honor!

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✩
Available at Aveda salons and online at


  1. I used to love these a few years ago. Not sure why I stopped, but probably availability. I'll need to seek out an Aveda Salon and get back on them!

  2. this looks like such a pretty color!!! :)