Monday, April 4, 2011

Lotus Cream to Powder Blush in Plum

$20.00 for 5g/0.18 oz
Recently I've been all over blush like a fat kid on cake with buttercream frosting; no lie, I will push small children out of my path to get at a pretty blush, and whoo-boy, this is some pretty blush by Lotus! I'm generally scared of darker because my skin is basically white, so I need to emphasize that THIS IS A GOOD BLUSH FOR EVERYONE. Plum can go on sheer enough for my liking but could absolutely be applied thicker for a BAM of color. Honestly, I like this one in essence better than Apricot simply because it took me by surprise that I could absolutely use it.

It's the most stand-out blush that works on me that I've ever tried...and did I mention that this formula blends like a dream and goes on smooth as a baby's bottom (maybe not my best analogy in context, but it works).  My confession for this product is that I finally found the applicator, and if you notice, I hadn't found it until after I wrote about Apricot...whoops!
Sneaky, sneaky packaging
There's a little lip that opens the product pan from the base of the compact to reveal a small round sponge. I will never use this if I have a single other option (I'd even rather use fingers), though I could see it working fine since this blush blends so well on its own, no special technique required. I feel as though you can do no wrong with these, and I just can't get over how much I like them.
Lotus Plum Blush sheerly applied on left, heavier on right
Since I intend to do makeup artistry at least part time in the future, I'm going to be investing in one of each of these available and having crazy fun (and wonderful results :).

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✩
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