Thursday, October 25, 2012

jane. Camisole LipKick Lipstick

$5.99 for 0.12oz

Well, it's...ok. Since Camisole is such a light and sheer color, it's very difficult to really judge how well it works as a full-blown beauty product. Allow me to clarify that: Camisole is a golden, sheer, relatively moisturizing lipstick that doesn't hold on but doesn't slip off the lips. It fades pretty quickly because it's original impact of color is so subtle, so I can't tell that it works better than a sub-par shimmery balm.
jane. Camisole LipKick indoors
All that said, the price is not that high, and for those ladies that have a very strict comfort-zone policy with their lip colors, jane Camisole LipKick will not be a stretch or a disappointment. You will definitely get a glow, but not much more.
jane. Camisole LipKick indoors
Beauty Newb Rating: 3 stars (so-so, nothing special--bad or good)
Available at, but be aware the company has overhauled a lot of its products and packaging.

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