Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blitz Blogging: Birchbox June 2012

tili Zippered Storage Bags are wonderfully colorful, travel-friendly plastic bags, perfect for vacation! Just in time for mine, I've also been starting to keep my sample-sizes safe for misplacement in my hectic house. I'm glad to have this one, but I don't/can't travel enough to justify six or a dozen specialty bags. If I had that many, I would probably make little packets of cosmetics that go together for particular looks, which sounds like a great idea for my regular ziplocks anyway...

Stila One-Step Bronze Illuminating Serum is yet another product from Stila that has intrigued me, gotten my hopes up, and then disappointed me in the end. Somewhat like the Dr. Jart BB cream from the previous box,  this product is not good for long-term use on my skin. In few days in to incorporating this serum in my morning routine, my cheeks were breaking out like crazy and I got several superficial pimples around my mouth and nose (very painful to extract). When I put this on after toner, it doesn't spread very well at first, so please be vigorous in working the bronzer into skin. One pump at a time, mind you, or the streaking will catch the light!

Masqueology Pore-Minimizing Mask is fun for a once-off try, but I don't think this mask can reduce your pore size if it (or you) can't get out those stubborn blackhead that are "widening" that bit of facial territory. Alas, I felt de-stressed and the treatment mask smells wonderful, but no effects were felt or seen. :( Definitely kept it in the tili bag until there was no product left for my skin to absorb--I got several uses out of each mask.

the Balm Stainiac in Beauty Queen is fabulous. That was pretty much my whole thought process for this product, only I wish I had a sample of the light color Prom Queen instead because I'd most likely use that everyday. Totally non-sticky formula; great, even pigment; fast drying: perfect!

Comodynes Intensive Self-Tanning Towelettes are not for pale people--SUPER SCARY STREAKY is what the result of me following the directions and the how-to-use video that was on I put on a smoothing lotion after exfoliating my legs and still couldn't use this towel easily for more than the bottom half of just one leg. The orange-striped creamsicle leg look better be in right now. Maybe if you are tan these wipes will maintain it better, but I ain't buying it.

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