Monday, June 20, 2011

I Hit Pan! But will I buy again...?

Well, folks, besides being silent for about three months, I have been doing something with makeup; using it! And what I have to show for it is three products that I am officially running low on: Dior Gel-Creme Foundation, Burberry Powder Foundation, and the Dior Brow Styler.

First, if you haven't read the whole review for any of these products, I recommend it not just for the sake of reading my blog (wink wink) but also so that you know what I'm talking about.

Second, am I going to be reinvesting in these three rather high-end and high-priced products? Two yeses, one no.

The Dior Brow Styler is an immediate REPURCHASE product for me for a very simple reason: it's perfect, you can shape and groom your brows in one pen sized product. I love that this is not a gel or a marker, I love the color (as it is *perfect* for my brows), and I love that I use it to the fullest until it is gone. For...what was it...$27 or $28, I know that it is pricey, but I also know that I love to use it and that I will use the whole thing...clearly. I think I've now had this one for four months, and while I didn't use it everyday, even three months would have been a good time for this to last since it doesn't draw attention--just brows. (Oh my, that was a bad pun even for my standards.)

Next, Dior Gel-Creme Foundation was a nice item to test out and have for a while, but I will not be repurchasing this, mainly because of how little I actually had to use it in order to hit the bottom. P.S. Just because I hit pan doesn't mean this is done for; I have what looks like almost half left, and will use it, but it still shows the point of its value. For $54, give or take, I'm not interested in a hard-to-layer, sheer coverage foundation that can be applied with the included sponge but is hard to apply with anything else. And that sponge is now pretty gross and in need of a wash, but will washing work?  Really, there are just better foundations for me personally that meet my specific needs...

...Like Burberry's aromatherapy Compact Foundation! Sure it's also a sheer formula, but the rose-scent puts me in a seriously good mood each time I open the lid, and many people have given me jealous looks when I whip this baby out of my purse. At $55, who wouldn't covet it?! But is it absolutely worth that much? I say yes, and will be repurchasing. As an oily-skin type, powder will serve me well this summer, and this has that added bonus of being incredibly pleasant to sniff while using it. The packaging is really sturdy, and the included sponge doesn't get on my nerves nearly as much as the above Dior one. I think this has officially lasted me five or six months so far, and again, I've only hit pan, not rock-bottom and empty.

Now, will I be repurchasing these two items soon? Um, when I get that much income, sure, but as I graduate my Esthi program tomorrow and haven't started a job yet, it won't be too soon, plus there is a lot of product left (at least in the Burberry). I might do the Brow Styler as a graduation gift to myself because I seriously can't image using anything else for my brows right now!

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  1. haha I loved the drawing brows pun! :) wow that brow styler sounds like a great product! *O*