Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Bomb Balm..If only you could apply it easily--e.l.f. Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15

e.l.f. Conditioning Lip Balms SPF 15 ($3)
 These would have been utterly perfect if I hadn't successfully stopped tearing off my own nails; I never thought to be mad that I broke that habit.

I am and have always been a fan of the pot-style balms: it feels casual and like your taking care of yourself without overdoing it. These, since they are pigmented, can be challenging to apply "casually;" I'd have a mirror on hand so the product only goes on your lips in the shape you want, especially if you're using your finger to apply. Personally, as I am not a makeup artist doing other people's makeup, I don't care if I use my finger, but so much balm gets stuck up in my finger nail when trying to use these. Irritating! So I now just leave a lip brush right beside these (but how often do I have to wash it just to use these!?!).

Aside from finding out that I should have stuck to very short nails, these little babies are awesome: they feel luscious and smoothing on my lips, add a nice flush of color (and sun coverage), and last a reasonable amount of time. These aren't lipsticks, so four hours is expecting a lot from these. You won't get that kind of wear if you are talking a lot, eating or drinking. Sorry. But I also slap on some of this before bed at night, and my lips feel soft in the morning. There is also quite a bit in this pot, and to be perfectly frank, I don't know that I can finish any of these!

e.l.f. Nice & Natural Conditioning Lip Balm
Nice & Natural is a pale pink beige without shimmer or sheen, but the finish is glossy.
e.l.f. Blissful Berry Conditioning Lip Balm
Blissful Berry is a rosy berry that goes on a more muted than in the pot, without sheen or shimmer, but the finish is glossy.
e.l.f. Bombshell Brown Conditioning Lip Balm
Bombshell Brown is, well, a chestnut brown (go figure) with gold micro-shimmer in the pot which doesn't show up on lips directly but could give
e.l.f. Romantic Rouge Conditioning Lip Balm
Romantic Rouge is a vibrant, semi-opaque red that shows up remarkably well and evenly. This can fade quickly and/or unevenly but a great pop of color is a great pop of color!
Bombshell Brown, Nice & Natural, Blissful Berry, and Romantic Rouge in daylight

Bombshell Brown, Nice & Natural, Blissful Berry, and Romantic Rouge with flash
wearing e.l.f. Nice & Natural Conditioning Lip Balm
So guys, the swatch of Bombshell Brown can totally be up for a giveaway if you're interested! The swatch came from some overflow on a little lid underneath its cap, but the product has never been touched. If you're into it, leave a comment letting me know and I can add this to the giveaway I'm planning in the next few weeks!

Also, any other pics for an EyesLips Face Giveaway? I'm thinking of ordering up a batch specially tailored for readers and their preferences, so jot down what's looking best to you!

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Anyone else not feeling well today? I've been drinking tea like a fish drinks water, and I hope it's doing something....oh well, hope it's not a stomach thing though. That would really suck.


  1. Yay, I can comment with my Lj account! :D

    Love the colors, just wish I could get away with browns (I just end up looking like I got caught during a chocolate binge).

    Not feeling so hot either, due to lack of sleep. So I'm downing the tea like crazy too!! I'm addicted to The Republic of Tea's green teas.

    B to your S (haha)

  2. Yeah, that chocolate thing is about the reason I've never used Bombshell Brown. It's pretty, I just look stupid...or like GAGA, but not so ohlala.

    Tea Time!

  3. i suggest you give this brown a try. Despite looking shimmery in swatch, on the lips it looks like a very pretty darker neutral if you use a light hand, and is fab over a lip color to add a little darkening w/o overly muddying your color.

  4. Will do! Sometimes I just need a kick in the pants to give new things a try, hence my fondness for sticking to super-sheer, natural looking products, but as autumn approaches, you give me hope for the "darker" makeup days to come. Thanks, Amy.