Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color SPF 12 in Sweet Nectar

$22.00 for 0.13oz/3.8g
I had been lusting after this lip color for about a month before it ever hit shelves. What I like in particular is that you can have the full coverage of a lipstick with the sun protection of an SPF balm. Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color stands out to me because of how thick and pigmented it is while still being smooth and non-drying to lips. Granted, this will show lines on thin or non-plump lippies, but give your lips a good exfoliation with your toothbrush and watch the color smother you in luxury!

Bobbi Brown Sweet Nectar on lips, Sonia Kashuk Sweet Nothings Palette on eyes, and e.l.f. Flushed on cheeks
I have several photos wearing this Sweet Nectar color, described as a peach coral on BobbiBrowncosmetics.com, because as gorgeous as it is, and regardless of how much I love it, I have a lot of trouble trying to make this look appropriate without overdoing the rest of the look. If I wear much eyeshadow at all, or a color slightly off, the whole thing makes me look drag queen-y. My solution has been to wear more of a heavy eyeliner, cat-eye look in order to look polished and balanced.

Bobbi Brown Sweet Nectar
As I described, everything about Rich Lip Color screams luxury to me: solid, black packaging; bold color; super-rich pigment formula; and a smooth feel on the lips. The color does seem to wear off a little unevenly (more at the center of the lips than around the lip line), but that is only noticeable after 2-3 hours. It may seem like that is a low estimate--rest assured, I talk/drink/eat quite a lot inside that number. Sweet Nectar lasts really, really well through an active day, thus it comes highly recommended.
Sweet Nectar Rich Lip Color SPF 12
A small note of warning, this lips color does stain the skin below it! After swatching this on my arm for about 30 seconds or less, my makeup wipe needed about two minutes worth of scrubbing to get all the pigment off of my skin. That's some transfer rate...but it does explain why the color lasts so well through eating, drinking, and general living. I'm sold!
Bobbi Brown Sweet Nectar on lips, Sonia Kashuk Sweet Nothings Palette on eyes
I feel a little guilty for wanting more colors in Rich Lip Color because I know I will never get through the whole 0.13oz of this lipstick. With all the other products I still have to use and finish up, not a chance! So I guess, this will have to tie everyone over for now...

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✩
Available at Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom, Sephora, and other fine retailers

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  1. The colour looks blah in the tube but oh so gorgeous oh you!