Friday, June 24, 2011

LORAC Breakthrough Performance Foundation

$38 for 1.0 oz
This particular review has been a long time coming; I've had this foundation for over six months, and it is what I would like to call my "winter" color (of course, my "summer" color is eluding me this month so no matter). First, I'm going to apologize for the photo quality right now. I can't find the right room with the right light for good photos, and my camera seems to not focus on anything at all without its insanely bright flash going off....I'm working on it.

Since I seem to need to force myself back into the habit of writing a post a day (or one every two/three days), I can't wait too long for my photo issues to be resolved before giving in to just posting the best ones I can get. So moving on, LORAC foundation!

Breakthrough Performance has been hit and miss with me since I bought it, but I never returned it. Supposedly it is oil-free and anti-aging, but you've heard this before--I have no way of validating any anti-aging claims! I can tell you that the formula is somewhere between lightweight and heavy, and the coverage is sheer to medium. It feels thicker when I put it on, but especially with this product I can't find the patience to put it on in thinner layers. When I try to build up the coverage through layers, I can not see any difference between the first and fourth layer other than all of it is starting to smear and there is still sheer coverage.

Wearing MUFE Green Primer, before foundation
Another odd thing is putting cream concealer on top of LORAC foundation is impossible. The foundation just wipes off and the concealer slides right over it and off my face. Trying to solve this issue, I put on my old Bare Minerals foundation in the concealer fashion (powder over the cream, should work right?) and all of the sudden, I was in pancake makeup and about as unnatural as I've ever seen myself! Note: my skin has gotten a lot better during these esthi months and I use less concealer than previously was necessary.
(Again, sorry for the focus) With LORAC Breakthrough Performance Foundation over MUFE Green Primer
I don't hate it. Let that be clear. However, I find this hard to pair with anything else that involves coverage of skin. Setting powder feels like it just cakes right on top, so I use that very sparingly. Blush goes on fine (powder that is) and I can blends concealer under my eyes just fine. Contouring won't happen at all with this on top or beneath. And yes, I tried to put concealer underneath this foundation, but the formula is thick enough that to spread and blend Breakthrough Performance, you have to smear concealer away (unless streaks on your face is the look you're going for).

What DO I use this for? A nice layer of sheer coverage and SPF when I want a super low-maintenance look that I don't powder and don't care that it comes off during the day. It's my "housework with a side of errand-running" foundation, and LORAC serves me well as such.

There is no smell/scent to this product. It's tube can be finicky to twist up sometimes, and the hair-trigger will pump out a different amount of product each time. Just be aware of that. I do not get overly oily or dry when wearing this, so everything seems to balance nicely on my skin. Also, so far I have not noticed breakouts stemming from the use of this product.

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✩✩
I got mine at Sephora, but LORAC is available online and through

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