Saturday, June 25, 2011

Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer in 1 Green

$32 for 1.01 oz (sample shown)
Make Up For Ever, or MUFE, is one of the brands I have been *super* interested is getting to know better over the last few months. Since I saw their non-retouched ad campaign for HD foundation, I have really looked at my budget in terms of "what MUFE can I buy" rather than making sure I get enough products to review for a while. Problem solved: SAMPLES!

As I've delved into the realm of using green to counteract red, in the form of concealer so far, it was no great leap forward to ask for the "redness reducing" Green Microperfecting Primer. (This next part may seem like a "duh" story, but here goes.)  At the MUFE counter in Sephora, the SA pumped a little green onto the back of my hand and said that this would reduce specific spots of red only a little while it would minimize pink/redness over the whole face more. So on the back of my hand, the blended primer definitely brought out the yellow/gold of my skin and I saw absolutely no red or pink. "This is so perfect," I thought, "now I can finally see the actual color of products on my face rather than everything slightly pinker!" Alas, totally not how the hand translated to the face...

Without Primer
Wearing only MUFE Green Primer, all over face
See, the pics are actually a good indicator of how un-noticeable the difference is. When I touch a bit of product to each section of my face, it's green, it has pigment, but then blending it out it disappears but leaves quite a bit of pink behind. When I put this primer on in general, my skin feels nice, but I can't tell if it actually looks any smoother. Foundation doesn't go on any differently, and I'm not entirely sure it stays on any longer than without. I believe this helps control oil a bit during the day and that helps oil not be the cause for foundation rub-off.

The formula is oil-free and truly lightweight, and I love the idea of this as an everyday primer. However, the green is not doing it for me, and I may try some other colors out to see if another has a more dramatic effect. Even when I apply a bit more just at the nose and chin, instead of more red coverage, the area just turns to patches of red and green (which are subsequently mostly covered by foundation). I just wish this primer could act more as a low-maintenance substitute for foundation... no such luck. Still, a lovely product if it works for your purposes.

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✩✩✩
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