Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipstick in Four Beautiful Shades

$19.50 each for 0.14oz/4g
On Elizabeth Arden's website, these lipsticks are described very simply as "Exceptional in every way. A creamy, long-wearing lipstick with staying power and shine. One coat is just enough," and I concur entirely with this description. Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipsticks are buttery smooth with glide-on texture that's not moisturizing but not drying. Most of the colors I own have the ability to stain the lips gently over their wear-time, so I get a good 4-5 hours of color from each. All of the four colors below are more wearable than I thought they would be from the look in the tube, and I attribute this to being medium-to-opaque coverage formulas which helps a tiny bit of your lips and skin tone come through and match your face. I love these because the color is still true to the tube yet looks luminous and naturally fits on the lips, a rare combination for me and my skin!
Elizabeth Arden Coraline Exceptional Lipstick
Coraline, a gorgeous pure pink-coral with golden sheen, is the bolder, slightly lighter sister of Honey Blush, which makes Coraline more frequently wearable to me personally. Since I have lighter skin for Coraline, Honey Blush (below) is something I would choose for medium-to-dark complexions for a similarly brightening effect without such a strong sheen. The same tones are in both, Honey Blush just has a touch more brown in the base.

Elizabeth Arden Beauty 38 Exceptional Lipstick
Beauty 38 is the darkest of the four, being a deep plum rose with a satin finish. There is no shimmer or sheen which generally I like, but this is a little dark for my everyday tastes. It is, however, a FANTASTIC color for fall as it does have that richer but subdued pigment that brightens your teeth without making your lips glow. Beauty is truly beautiful and surprises me every time I put it on.
Elizabeth Arden Starlight 25 Exceptional Lipstick
Starlight 25 was immediately my favorite color right in the tube because it was so subtly a rosey, plum, and coral mix--both neutral and colorful simultaneously. I've worn this out several times and this is actually the least staining of the four featured in this review; it wears off evenly and gracefully after about 5 hours (minus heavy eating/drinking) and is super comfortable to wear.
Elizabeth Arden Honey Blush Exceptional Lipstick
As Honey Blush was described above, I find Honey Blush a good alternative for Coraline, whether for darker skin or as a back-up should I not be able to find/use up Coraline. You may also like the more subtle sheen of Honey Blush as it is not as golden and reflects the base color more than anything else.
Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipsticks from left to right: Beauty, Honey Blush, Starlight, and Coraline

Elizabeth Arden Exceptional Lipsticks from left to right: Beauty, Honey Blush, Starlight, and Coraline
Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✪
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