Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Aveda Inner Light Mineral Dual Foundation

$22.50 for 0.24oz/7g (shown center)
Take a wild guess which color I am, I dare you! That's right, the lightest, 01 Cream...

Aveda Inner Light Mineral Foundation is a shock in two ways; one, because it has buildable coverage that I have rarely seen within the brand, and two, because it can, and does, last all day when treated correctly. The powder compact's formula is lightweight and can be applied sheerly with a fluffy brush for a slightly skin-tone-even-ing glow or heavier with a sponge to get concealing coverage that is at least medium. While this powder blends very nicely with other powder products, I have been unsuccessful in finding a good way to keep it from rubbing off during the day. Inevitably, something gets smeared on my clothes from trying to get an itch without using my hands or simply from pulling my apron over my head.
without makeup
wearing Aveda Inner Light Dual Foundation in 01 Cream (single layer)
Don't misunderstand me! Inner Light Foundation has been an easy, breezy god-send in these past few days of having all my other makeup packed up for moving, and I certainly look good wearing it; I've just noticed that since I wear all black all day everyday, I need to watch what is touching my face. This foundation does not move because of oil during the day and it doesn't smear off from heat outside, but contact from your hands or clothes will take off most of what you put on that spot. I find myself touching up about mid-afternoon (usually by toning my face, blotting with a tissue, then reapplying Inner Light to the areas I need it most). Other than once a day touch-ups, I really have no issue at all with this; it's just slightly less than perfect for my oily faced, touchy self.
wearing Aveda Inner Light Dual Foundation, Aveda Apricot Whisper Blush, Aveda Uruku Bronzer, Elizabeth Arden eyeshadows and lipgloss, and Dior DiorShow Mascara
I've tried a primer and a moisturizer with a bit of "grip" or stick to it; I've topped it off with my favorite HD powder, but nothing helps the transfer. However, Aveda products are also, in actuality, good for your skin, so I've never broken out specifically from wearing any Aveda products. In fact, I wear this now, and did not pack it, because I am stressed and breaking out from the move/sweating, so you go on with your bad-self, Aveda! I'm all in.

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✪
Available at Aveda salons and online at Aveda.com


  1. I think I wanna try this, it's only 17.50 on ebay right now! Also, would you by any chance know the name of the blush right next to the foundation?

  2. Apricot Whisper is the blush, other side is Amazonia Uruku bronzer