Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aveda Petal Essence Face Accent in 181 Apricot Whisper

$24.00 for 0.3oz/8.5g

This blush from Aveda features three separate strips of powder that can be used separately or in unison. While apart the colors could be a highlighter (the golden yellow), a blush (the peach), and a contour (the rosy pink), I prefer the simple glow that comes from sweeping over all of the powder and blending along the cheekbones. "Whisper" was a  good addition to the name because, while there is very buildable coverage from this product, it goes on quite sheer at first. Knowing me though, you understand why this is a bonus. Control in color placement and depth is crucial for pale skin--when you over-do it even slightly, it is WAY over-done and extremely distracting to anyone trying to focus on what you are saying or doing.
Aveda Petal Essence Cheek Color in Apricot Whisper (left to right: contour, blush, and highlight)
The staying power of Petal Essence Apricot Whisper is on the higher end for such a sheer product, or application in my case, with mine usually lasting until mid afternoon (so 6-7 hours) before I notice that I am looking a little sallow and need a bit of color to wake my face back up. Sometimes I don't reapply this color in the afternoon and instead go for something a little rosier; however, now that I write about the product, I realize I could just focus the brush more on that darkest strip of color for a richer, afternoon pop on the cheeks. It's amazing what you think of when you just pause to think something through, duh!

wearing Aveda Apricot Whisper on cheeks, Aveda Amazonia Bronzer on temples and below blush as contour, Lotus Mineral Foundation, Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara, Aveda Shadow Trio in Twilight on eyes, and Dior Addict Lipstick in Basic on lips
The quality of Aveda products is as strong as ever, and for the price you are getting a reasonable amount of powder that will go a long way (unless you need a deep color, then try a darker version of the Face Accents). It is nice to have a multitasking product in one pan, but be advised that Aveda least the powders come without a case at all--hence putting them all in a Z-palette! Better be ready to put them somewhere if you get these, but don't fret over it; Aveda also sells eco-friendly magnetic cases that fit one, two, and four larger pans or four, eight, and sixteen eyeshadows with the option to mix and match. Having felt them in person, I can say they are sturdy, matte-finished aluminum that have mirrors for easy application on the go. Worth the investment for Greenies like you and me, eh!

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✪
Available at Aveda Professional Salons and Spas internationally and online at

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