Saturday, January 29, 2011

Serum Saturday: CHANEL Précision Pureté Idéale Sérum

$75.00 for 1.0 fl oz.
My god, Sparky has been a huge sweetie this week and is coping well with all the change (a taste of the nip helps him now-and-then), but Snowy's interaction with him is driving the dog-person in me nuts! Seriously, I'm not even a little used to cats yet...ugh. On a brighter note, this lovely, snow-covered morning at the end of the first month of this new year, I'm reviewing maybe my favorite serum I've ever used!
A purifying oil-free serum formulated with an advanced Marine-Bio Extract to help rebalance skin. Helps control oil production and reduces the appearance of pores for clear, smooth and refined complexion.
The Intense Refining Skin Complex from CHANEL was actually a bit of a shock for me. I'm not trying to knock the brand, I promise, but I think the reason I own as much CHANEL as I do is because I had this pedestal vision of the products. However, as with every brand, it's some stuff works for me and some stuff really, really doesn't. This is the product I believe I will use for years to come (budget allowing).

This serum, which in the picture I've used in its entirety, is light-weight and visibly decreased the appearance of my pores within the first application. I do not use this statement lightly, and I didn't see quite the long-term decrease I was hoping for. The initial change in size was maintained throughout the use of the whole tube. It also controlled oil exceptionally well all day long, and at the time of using this first tube, my acne and breakouts hit a recent high (uncomfortable but this serum soothed the worst of it).

The price is quite scary, even looking at it now, knowing how well it works, but I'm more confident in this purchase than I was in the Estee Lauder Idealist (mostly because of the pore shrinking at first and then the great feeling skin). The 1 oz. bottle has a pump that pushes up the product from the bottom so you get all the product (thank god) and it lasted for 4 months, so $225 a year for something that works this well is worth it for me personally. I could have also made this last even longer by using it a little less to keep the pore-results but not the under-makeup feeling everyday.

Guess its worth is utterly in the eyes of the beautiful beholder!
Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✪
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  1. One of the greatest review I've read on this product thank you! Do you only use it in the morning before makeup or at night too to get better results??

  2. Jennifer, I used this both ways; twice a day (morning and evening) got my skin used to the product and started reducing my pores in general, but I switched to once in the morning so that the product would last longer and to keep oil down during the day. Beyond my experience, I would say it depends on your budget. If you use it twice a day, the results are more intense but the product will not last very long. If you use it only once, the product lasts longer but the results will take longer to become visible. Also, be careful how much you use each time; one-two pumps is PLENTY, so make the ounce count for $75 worth of results!