Sunday, January 23, 2011

Estée Lauder High Gloss in Honey

03 Honey ($16.00 for 0.27 fl oz.)*
What a pleasant surprise this gloss is! Don't let the initial tackiness/stickiness fool you because once this mirror-shine gloss warms up to your lips it is smooth and buttery and super comfy. I always have that immediate gut reaction of "gross, it's so sticky," but several times now I have reached for this color and been hit again with the realization: oh yeah, I like this one.

Honey is a semi-sheer beige gloss with a bronze lean and a whole lotta shine. You can see from the pictures this is not a gloss you mistake for someone just licking their her lips--this is High Gloss, and thus an appropriate name. The shine lasts about 3-4 hours depending on what you're doing with your lips (eating/drinking, talking, kissing, etc.) and most of the time the color is undetectable about an hour after application. However, a big bonus with the comfort of this gloss is how hydrated my lips feel; even if they aren't plump with moisture, they never feel dry with this on.

Honey High Gloss in direct sunlight

Honey High Gloss in shade

Honey High Gloss

I do recommend this as a good buy (even though it is a mid-high-end price point) because it can easily be a staple to leave in your purse for a quick, feminine touch when the occasion arises!

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✩
Available at and Estée Lauder counters in department stores.

*This is a gift with purchase and I can't seem to find the exact amount in the normal full-sized tube; however, this sample contains more product than the average lip gloss (usually about 0.2 ounces). Photos of the product seem to have more in them than this sample size.

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