Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mask of the Month: CHANEL Précision Masque Déstressant Pureté

$50.00 for 2.5 oz.
In English, this Purifying Cream Mask is a thick concoction designed to detox your skin to help clear the pores, the mind, and the soul. In reality, it does part of that.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful for precise directions on how to get the most effective results from a product, but it took me about 20 minutes to read the enclosed leaflet for this mask. Chanel even details a facial massage technique to be used before rinsing off the mask! That's nice of them, and sometimes it is calming to have ritual relaxation; however, in all it's just too much.

This mask is supposed to be applied in a thick layer, meaning you'll use a lot of the product just on one application. After 10 minutes, using circular motions with your index and middle finger from jaw-line up, massage water into the mask, then rinse. First, a thick layer of this sorta stings my face because along with combo/oily I also have sensitive skin. After ten minutes though, I'm crusty, but I do feel detoxed and a little 'purified.' Next, because the whole layer has dried out on my face, the massage thing is just frustrating and messy, so whatever stress left me while sitting and soaking up the mask is back because I'm trying not to drip everywhere in my bathroom. Finally, as if that weren't erksome enough, you'd think the massage would loosen all the stuff for a clean rinse, but no, I have to scrub my face to remove any and all of the remaining mask.

So, to recap, I cleansed my skin prior to the mask, then encased it in a cream which dehydrates and crusts over, then I massage water back into the flaking crust (I sound like a pie, I'm hungry now), and then I scrub my skin more. This cannot be good for sensitive skin, or dry skin, or really any type at all.

Worst of all, I've seen no effect on my skin, i.e. there was no clearing of pores, decreased oil production, luminous glow, just nothing. The first few times I used it I was so caught up in the "relaxing facial mask" idea that it felt good and did relax me more than frustrate me, but at $50 it better do more than just that! After a few weeks, I honestly just wanted to take a long bath instead of dealing with this one. Perhaps this would be better in the middle of summer when my oily skin gets out of control? It might just strip that away and start the canvas afresh now-and-then. I'll update you here if that works.

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✩✩✩
Available at and fine department stores.

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