Friday, February 25, 2011

Beautiful in Every Way - Burberry Sheer Compact Foundation

This product review was later updated/expanded in this post.
$55.00 for 0.28 oz.
Well, I'm exhausted. I have officially completed my first grueling week at the Aveda Institute Columbus, and the most difficult thing about it was having to wake up so early. I could already tell by this morning that I am slowly adapting; by the end of next week I probably won't even notice because my internal clock will be correct. However, the most unfortunate part of the schedule has to be that all daylight hours are over on campus in class, so taking pictures in good light for different products is impossible. The dusk is spreading when I open the door to walk to my car--there's no way around that (hence crappy product picture above). For these next five, now four, weeks I will thus have severe difficulties trying to do a post a day. Instead I will try to put together looks over the weekend that involve multiple products to review and then write during the week. Sorry, though, I will give up an entry or two to catch some zzzz every now and again. I think you'll survive! :)

To kickstart a return to blogging, I get to tell you all about a particular gem from my favorite designer, Burberry! As you know, I heart Dior somtin' fierce, but I am more attracted to plaid than any normal human should be. "Pretty colors" is what generally goes through my head, and the Nova Check just plain speaks to me, saying "Anie, you look and feel beautiful today" with wavy, gypsy hands of hypnosis. Since Burberry put an embossed check are every piece of the packaging for the Compact Foundation in today's post. Simply put, I love it, but read on for specific details.

The product itself is rose-scented and may seem heavily-so for sensitive sniffers, but I personally adore the scent. I feel feminine and fresh, and it actually feels a bit like aromatherapy inside my foundation. I have trouble figuring out when to put on concealer since I mostly have cream now, but when I put concealer on underneath this foundation, buffing the product on tends to destroy the coverage I laid out on spots. This could absolutely be my lack of knowledge on application for such things, but it's good to know that the powder doesn't inherently set my concealer.

Burberry Compact Foundation has sheer to light coverage which can be built up, though I find it hard to build and build this beyond maybe two layers. I think that I would most often use this as an added coverage layer on top of liquid and cream foundation to half-set everything; the reason I don't use it this way now is because $55 is an expensive setting powder (basically), indeed way too expensive for a Beauty Newb. That said, I still find the product itself extremely luxurious and worth the high-end price if you don't need more general coverage. If you stippled this over areas where you have prepared your skin with concealer (lightbulb moment...I'm going to try that next time) then you should find this a very lovely purchase and staple. Since I tend to touch or rub at my face absent-mindedly throughout the day, I do use a setting powder and experienced no flakiness or significant transfer after setting properly.

This really lets my skin shine though which is something I usually can't say about much that isn't just too sheer to use. It is a glorious balance between true-you and a better-you. I just feel radiant!
Burberry Compact Foundation in Trench 3 on skin and Pixi Lip & Line in Fresh Pink on lips
Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✩
Available at and (and select stores).

How was your week? Anyone have exciting news? I could really do with hearing about something other than skin right now, so I think I'll veg out to a Netflix or two. Can't go wrong with turning your brain off for TV...wait, there's something wrong with that statement, but my brain isn't working enough to tell you what...*sigh*



  1. This is GORGEOUS on you!! I love Burberry makeup-they are my favourite eyeshadows. I only have 3. I just got a sample of the liquid foundation-it's taking a lot to resist it! Best I've ever tried.
    I hear you about waking up early-I'm up at 6:00 am every day and hate it. I'm a night owl.

  2. I'm totally doing a review of my Rosewood eyeshadow soon, love love love Burberry eyeshadows! umm, I have to wake at about 7:30...I honestly don't want to imagine 6am, that just sounds painful