Monday, February 7, 2011

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliners-Used Everyday By Yours Truly!

Left row, top to bottom: Purple, Midnight, Gunmetal; Right row, top to bottom: Metallic Olive, Coffee, Copper
This formula beats out any other I've come across, if for no other reason than it doesn't irritate my eyes. I've found creamier ones that smudge more easily, but they also didn't last as long. I've found ones that are more shimmery/metallic, but the shimmer migrated and the color was not as bold. And I've found ones that have a wider range of colors, but my eyes started watering the second the brush got near my lashes.

I apply these using either the Small Angled Brush or Small Precision Brush from yesterday's reviews. I suggest working the product with the brush for a few seconds before applying, but once these set, they are on for at least 10 hours. I cannot remember any waterline migration from these though I don't usually heavily line that area.

Purple a rich blue-based plum with metallic sheen and dark, subtle color
Metallic Olive a stronger brown base than green, gold-toned sheen
Purple on left, Metallic Olive on right
Midnight gorgeous dark navy blue, a pretty, matte liner I'm never living without
Coffee basic, beautiful, a must-have for any skin tone, eye color, etc.
       (For an easy day look, this is my go-to. Smooth and smudge-able.)
Midnight on left, Coffee on right
Gunmetal pewter, always used for a smokey eye and when I want a little glitz
           (Can you tell this one I've used the most?)
Copper metallic version of Coffee with golden sheen but still rich chocolate color, works with more colors than Metallic Olive because no green lean, perfect for a bronzed summer look
Gunmetal on left, Copper on right
UPDATE: SEE SWATCHES BELOW! Please note that as these are used in a single line around the eye, the color can be lighter or less metallic due to the small amount of product, but I have described how well each shows up and/or how each can best be used in a look. These are only suggestions, so go have fun with these!
e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner from left to right: Coffee, Copper, Metallic Olive, Gunmetal, Midnight, Plum Purple

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner from left to right: Coffee, Copper, Metallic Olive, Gunmetal, Midnight, Plum Purple
Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✪
(All Studio Cream Eyeliners are $3.00 available at The two liners not shown in this review are Ivory and Black.)

See anything you like? Own? Need to have? Need to rant about? Let me know in a comment!


    I have Gunmetal and I'm supes excited to nab the rest of them...eventually, haha.

  2. i hace cofee:Xbut now i want locks great

  3. Midnight is a very dark shade of navy blue, so black will be darker in the sense that it leans towards no color in particular. Midnight looks as dark as black but brings out eye colors more (except for blue eyes). Does that make sense/help?

  4. the colors look so nice!! I love elf but I never tried the cream eyeliners