Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yes, I Like Simplicity - Pixi Lip & Line in Fresh Pink

$18.00 for 0.051 oz
I'd like to start by calling this product on some BS, as I consider it. On the packaging is a blurb that reads:
"This anti-aging, stay-on lipstick & lip contouring, anti-feathering liner is our ultimate lip must-have. Keeping to our Pixi tradition to simplify and beautify, this lip duo makes life so much easier. Never again will you have to try to match you lip liner to your favorite lipstick or vice versa. Contains Vitamin E & C to treat and protect lips."

First, I doubt (but cannot prove) that this lipstick has any anti-aging properties. Second, it's true that these lippies match up perfectly, but whether there are enough colors for you to be satisfied or that look right on you is another story. Third, and this wasn't stated in the description but by the blurb from Petra, the lines designer, these may be long lasting but are not "very moisturizing;" this Lip & Line could actually be the most drying or dry-feeling lippie I own. All that said, I really like this.
Pixi Lip & Line in Fresh Pink - Lip side

Pixi Lip & Line in Fresh Pink - Line side

Sure I wouldn't choose this if my lips were chapped or even felt a little dry, but this still is a convenient way to have a very sharp lip with full color coverage. The lipstick is more moisturizing than the liner, but not by much. Fresh Pink is also a bit bold for my everyday tastes, but if I'm feeling particularly springy, I will absolutely be wearing this.
Fresh Pink in daylight
 After 4 hours with some drinking and munching, this is going strong for color, but my lips were jonesin' for some real moisture. For a formula that's this dry, I would expect less transfer to glasses and such, but there is still a bit. It's funny, in pictures this looks more natural than I feel it looks in the mirror, but that's a good thing. I'll take it.
Fresh Pink with flash
Dupe Alert: Anyone remember that $1 e.l.f. Lipstick called Classy, the one whose bullet broke off the first time I went to use it, well this is a dead ringer for that (a touch darker/rosier but it's so close). That normal size/shape lipstick cost $1 for approximately 0.12 oz, while Fresh Pink cost $18 for 0.051 oz. Keep in mind that there is no liner involved with Classy but it is just as "moisturizing" as Fresh Pink. Honestly, it wholly depends on what you are looking for in the product (use-wise) and not the color itself.
Left to right: e.l.f. Classy Lipstick, Pixi Fresh Pink Line, Pixi Fresh Pink Lip, Milani HD Lipcolor Romantic Rose, and Rimmel Moisture Renew Summer Angel
Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✩✩
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  1. Great review! I have some of the Pixi lip boosters and I love them because of how nice they feel on the lips but I think I'll pass on this.
    I love the idea of dual ended up products but I'm always disappointed with the reality!
    On a totally superficial note: I really wish Pixi didn't have such cheap looking packaging because it's such a turn off!

  2. Oh that's a shame it's drying. I really like the Pixi lipbooster lipglosses and am curious about the other products in their line.

    Thanks for the review!