Tuesday, February 8, 2011

e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner in Black - Basic Basic Necessities

e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner in Black ($1)
When I think of liquid liner, I usually think of cat-eye makeup and how it takes a special kind of person to pull that off, a type of person who is very unlike me. But one day when wondering around the Target Cosmetics section, there was a wall of e.l.f. products and this little baby was right there on the top shelf. I thought for a brief moment, said "what the hell," and soon he was home with me.

"I can't do a cat-eye," I thought, "my boyfriend will revoke my makeup privileges because I look ridiculous, and that will be the end of something that makes me happy." So I tried to just do what I would do with any other pencil or cream liner, I accented my eye. Low and behold, this may not seem like rocket science, but liquid eyeliner looks great as a normal liner! The line was bold, crystal clear (as in pitch black) and gave quite a bit of depth beneath my mascara. Done and done, I'm not going to pigeon hole liquids again.
e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner in Black
I've noticed the last few months of my makeup obsession that you can actually use a ton of products to achieve subtle and natural results. Just dot this liner between lashes, and you just get definition, not a line in sight. There is so much you can do with this that makes you look like you did next to nothing at all, and that's a beautiful thing.
e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner in Black in daylight

e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner in Black with flash (yes, that's dry)
I don't notice any fading throughout the day (up to 12 hours) when I wear this over my eyelid primer. The end result is quite glossy when the application is thicker/heavier than a swipe, but this could quickly be blended down to a slick accent than a bold black line. This is true-black and can feel a little thin, but I think that if the product were any thicker that it would be difficult to manage. It dries quickly and doesn't migrate while doing it, so don't worry about blinking the second after you've drawn your line; chances are, no damage done, and you're ready to go. I'm thoroughly satisfied with the value of this product. It will last me a while, and I will enjoy using it the whole time. The packaging closes tightly, and I've noticed no drying inside the tube either, meaning you can also keep this a while without using it and still have it ready for when you do.

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✩
Available at EyesLipsFace.com. Check online to find these products at a store near you.

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