Thursday, February 3, 2011

CHANEL Gets Another Chance with Le Vernis Rouge Noir

Rouge Noir in direct sunlight
Ok guys, I'm not gonna sugar coat this: Chanel has not wowed me yet. However, this does not mean I'm not still looking forward to trying many more products (granted there is a good return policy in place) and finding a few key pieces that I adore.

Which brings me to my current polish... Before all the holiday bustle, since we are on the subject, I took the opportunity to buy a nail polish trio containing Gold Lamé, Coromandel, and Rouge Noir. I had been lusting after Gold Lamé for a few months by that time, so I jumped at the chance to own it. Alas, the Gold was a disaster, Coromandel was an unexpected win  of a bright red, but Rouge Noir was the real prize from the purchase. At $23 a pop for a Le Vernis, it better be a smash hit, and at least this one is!

Rouge Noir with flash
The color speaks for itself-- Rouge Noir translates to Red Black, and as you can see from the pictures, it is exactly that. To use more colorful language, it's a deep cherry burgundy that when applied opaquely gives the illusion on black but catches the light with color.

Ah, flowery nonsense language, how I missed thee.... The part I am not a fan of is the brush because it's the normal cylindrical brush that takes a bit of work to cover the nail, so this can look streaky and blotchy easily. It's not my quick-polish polish; that honor still goes to Rimmel Gold Silk.
Rouge Noir à la Sparky
Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✩
While I am not sure of the exact availability of this shade, Le Vernis is available at Chanel counters and (which is where I got mine).

CORRECTION. THE PRICE OF LE VERNIS HAS GONE UP TO $25 PER 0.4 FL OZ BOTTLE. Is that freakin worth it anymore? Good thing I got mine when I did...

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