Friday, February 18, 2011

A Wash of Bright Champagne -Pixi Fairy Solo No 2 Champagne Glow

$14.00 for 0.08 oz.
This post in particular has been a long time coming, but it is worth it in many ways. Sometimes we makeup junkies wake up not giving a flying rat's fart in space about putting on our "face" for the day. Well, this little baby makes those days a little easier for me. Some Pixi products are just ok instead of great for me, but I still use them. Each serves their purpose, like the Endless Silky Liner and the Lip & Line Pen, and it's the same with Champagne Glow.

Fairy Solos are single eyeshadows that have more than the average amount of product in a little, clear-topped compact that has no mirror or applicator. Because of this, I don't find it ever leaving my vanity for a spin out and about, but in some sense there is no need to take it with you. With a good primer/base, as I must have for my oily lids, this shimmery neutral lasts all day. I like to put a matte brown on top to dim the shimmer at the crease but keep the light on the lid.
Pixi Fairy Solo Eyeshadow in No 2 Champagne Glow
Champagne Glow (No 2 of the Fairy Solos) looks far more pink in the pan than it actually goes on (very neutral when the light hits it the "champagne" yellow comes through with the pink). If I were in dire need of some highlight, TAH-DAH! Champagne Glow to the rescue.
Pixi Fairy Solo Eyeshadow in No 2 Champagne Glow in daylight
Whether put on sheerly or layered (which it does fairly easily), this is a great shade to just have for many different looks; for all over the lid, for the brow bone, for the corner of the eye, it's just going to work for so much. That said, this could be very easy to dupe or do the same with similar colors, so if you already have something or several things that work for all this, skip it. $14 for an above average amount is fine when you have no other colors to use, but when you do, save the money for specifics that you need or palettes of things you don't yet have.
Pixi Fairy Solo Eyeshadow in No 2 Champagne Glow with flash
Finally, in terms of whether or not the other  colors in this line are going to be useful, I would say yes. The texture is very easy to work with: powdery enough to dust on the lid, but creamy enough to layer. The product itself is very good quality.

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✩
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