Monday, February 7, 2011

Don't Break A Nail: Take A Nail Break!

Borghese Toscano Spice ($7.99 for 0.4 fl oz.)
Alright, while e.l.f. Week is rollin' along, I've been trying to keep my wits about me and my nails--I mean, nerves--intact. So tonight it was off with CHANEL Rouge Noir and onto Borghese Toscano Spice Nail Lacquer Vernis.

Borghese Toscano Spice ($7.99 for 0.4 fl oz.)
This is the polish I wore to my Commencement last May, and I don't remember putting it on since. The color is lovely: a peachy, shiny apricot that glows in the light--it feels very Spring, and I need that feeling right now.  It takes two coats to be almost opaque (I rarely do three color coats because then the polish is too think and takes an age to dry if you don't totally muck it up first!) and has the flattened brush that makes painting super quick and easy. I never thought I would be more annoyed with the regular brush, but once you go flat...
my nail routine pack of this month
Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✩
Borghese polishes should be available at most drug stores, but I got mine at CVS.
Anyone else's feet itchy and dry? Feels like I haven't watered them in weeks when I put two good pumps of Vaseline on them once a day! Harsh. How's the week starting for you? Enjoying e.l.f. week, looking forward to seeing things from other brands? Let me know because I need the comment distraction!!

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