Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lip Define & Shape Pencil from e.l.f. - Another Miss or Just Missed Me?

Day eight of e.l.f. Week...yeah, I can count. So far, you'll realize I am a big fan of e.l.f. products because you can really get an incredible result without killing a budget, which feels really satisfying if you're a hard-core beauty fan. Honestly, it's quite satisfying if you're a fan of just putting a bit more life into a look for work or day or night or whatever...

...This doesn't seem to be one of those products. First, because for me lip liners are rubbish (usually). Second because this dual-ended pencil is no different. Third because this is not only a product that doesn't look quite right but it does not wear well after about 15 minutes.
Shape on left, Define on right in daylight
Shape on left, Define on right with flash
The two ends of this pencil are Shape (called Nude, a pink with golden sheen) and Define (called Natural, a slightly plumed rose with rosy sheen), but neither stands out as particularly natural. The heavy sheen makes this feel very noticeable.

Shape end of e.l.f. Lip Definer & Shaper

Define end of e.l.f. Lip Definer & Shaper

The sharpening cap does not stay on well, as it does not on the Eye Widener in Pearl White. The formula feels so dry when applied and seems to start flaking/bunching on the lips almost immediately if you don't put something more moisturizing over it. Even when you do, since it's likely to be something that shows the liner color, the liner comes off the lips and makes everything look patchy and's sort of hideous up close actually.
e.l.f. Lip Definer & Shaper on lips (nothing on top)
I feel like using this as a shadow instead because it stays on my skin really well while still feeling a little creamy. I don't know if it's safe for use on the eyes though.
e.l.f. Lip Definer & Shaper under Kirkland Bliss Lip Shine
This might work for you if you have great success with lip liners in general, if you have moisturized lips without balm on (because the product has to stick to the lips but not flake), and if you are very precise in the application of this and skilled at when to put something over this. I am none of these things, but I can see this product working for others who don't have my problems with lip liner. I tried with this product, but I am in no way skilled at lip liner.

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✩✩✩✩
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