Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Glowing Spotlight and Standing Ovation for e.l.f.'s All Over Color Stick in Spotlight

e.l.f. All Over Color Stick in Spotlight
This I prefer to the Shimmering Facial Whip in Spotlight. The All Over Color Stick ($1) is much thicker and creamier than the Whip formula, but I would say both are easily blended and useful in their own way. This stick form is simply easier to use in small amounts with big pay off since blending out a liquid means thinning out the pigment too.
e.l.f. All Over Color Stick in Spotlight
I use this strictly as a highlight, usually around the top of the cheek bone, sometimes on the nose bridge and brow bone, but always this blends out to a subtle pop of light at all the right points. My first thought when I handled the packaging was that it seemed inconvenient, though I now find it useful. An artist could easily use this by swiping some onto the back of the hand, but us normal appliers could just as quickly use a finger to warm up some product directly from the tube and dab it onto the desired areas. I use both methods; universally, I need to warm the product by rubbing my finger in it for a few seconds.
e.l.f. All Over Color Stick in Spotlight blended on left, unblended on right
This can also be layered or applied more thickly for a more powerful payoff. Since this is also color neutral, it will work for all skin tones and, I imagine, give a good light glow to the face (and/or body if you so choose). It may not seem like there is much product in the container but I've used this dozens of times and am not even a quarter through; I don't use a whole lot each time, but I still see results.

All in all, a total steal, a fantastic find, and I am sold on this one. Works beautifully every time, and I like that you'd only notice it was a highlighter product when it's on if you knew it was there. Very natural!

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✪✩
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