Tuesday, February 8, 2011

e.l.f. Eye Encyclopedia - Everyday Eye Edition

Everyday, that's how often you should be able to wear these colors if the name is legit. And it is. You've got your smokey eye colors, your bronzed colors, your khaki casuals, you natural neutrals, everyday eyes is the correct label for these! I can image many of these colors have hundreds of dupes or substitutes, but it is nice to have them all right here in one cheap package. (As an aside, can someone comment on this one just so I know these reviews are going ok? If you're not getting the info you need about something, let me know immediately. I will work hard to answer questions thoroughly.)
e.l.f. Everyday Eye Edition Eye Encyclopedia
I don't think you could carry this around with you for touch ups. The cover has warped a bit on mine, so the magnetic close isn't as sealed as tightly. To ensure as little transfer as possible, there is a plastic sheet that covers the shadows, and there is a tutorial printed on the back of the cover. While the powders do sorta "shed," I don't notice cross-contamination between shades. These can be mixed and matched in tons different ways, but it's most likely that the looks were intended across rows. In the first column you've got highlighters, for sure, and lots of these could just be washes over the lid, several also crease colors. There is just a great variety in this palette.

Top Row: #1-#4, Middle Row: #5-#8, Bottom Row: #9-#12

Cream #1 on left, Cream #2 on right, Black Eyeliner, and Double Ended Applicator
See two looks I've done previously using this palette: Bold Brown and Smokey Eye
Row 1 of powders (#1-#4) in daylight

Row 1 of powders (#1-#4) with flash
#1: matte pure white
#2: dark grey with silver glitter
#3: black with a little silver sparkle (fine glitter)
#4: silver with sparkle (fine glitter)
Row 2 of powders (#5-#8) in daylight

Row 2 of powders (#5-#8) with flash
#5: pale mint green (super powdery)
#6: khaki green with slight gold sheen
#7: neutral beige with light gold sparkle
#8: yellow-brown beige with slight gold sparkle
Row 3 of powders (#9-#12) in daylight

Row 3 of powders (#9-#12) with flash
#9: yellow beige with yellow glitter (very powdery)
#10: orange-peachy beige with slight gold sparkle
#11: slightly pinked taupe with metallic sheen
#12: bronze with glitter and sheen (pretty powdery)
Left to Right: Cream #1, Cream #2, Black Eyeliner in daylight

Left to Right: Cream #1, Cream #2, Black Eyeliner with flash
Cream #1: gold beige with heavy, bright sheen
Cream #2: pink beige with heavy, bright sheen
Black Eyeliner (self explanatory but the formula is similar to these): really small and too short to be very useful

I really think these are workable if your careful not to over-product your brushes because then you are going to get fallout from quite a few of these. Some of them feel creamy to the touch but turn powdery soon after and during application. The cream shadows are more like those in the Duo than the Studio ones, but these work well over primer and stuck in place with powder on top.

For $5 this will last me forever, and that's worth it to me. In fact, several expensive purchases have been thwarted because I've thought "I could use the Encyclopedia for that instead." See something you like in this palette? Maybe just one color? I might know of a better substitute in single form, just let me know in a comment! Happy Tuesday!

Beauty Newb Rating:✪✪✪✩✩
Available at EyesLipsFace.com. Check online to find these products at a store near you.

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  1. Hi! I just found about your blog from jen @ jwmyfunnyvalentine.blogspot.com and I'm really liking it. Thanks for the great review and the awesome swatches! I've eyed it a few times but I've never tried any Elf products before so I didn't know if it was worth checking out. I might just give it a go now!:)